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Become A Specialized Diver...


Peak Performance Bouyancy

Ever wonder how some divers manage to just effortlessly move through the water? Well this course will help you dial in your bouyancy so that you will become that diver.



Diving can take place all over the world and in all different envirnoments including those not a sea level. This course will teach you how to safely make those dives that take place at altitude. 



Some of the most exciting dive sites are those of wrecks. Learn how to navigate and safely dive these amazing sites before your next dive!


Under Water Navigation

Make sure you always know where you are and how to get back to your starting point by learning the necessary skills to navigate while under water!


Enriched Air (Nitrox)

Dive on specially blended mixes of air that contain higher concentrations of oxygen. Learn today and enjoy the benefits tomorrow!


Deep Diver

Some dive sites lay deeper than others. Whether it's a wreck you want to dive, a part of a reef, or just wanting to explore further, grow your skills with this specialty to adventure further.


Full Face Mask

Diving with a full face mask has a lot of benefits. However, it's also important you understand how to stay safe while using one. 

Night Diver.jpg

Night Diver

Some of the most thrilling dives are night dives. A reef or ecosystem that you saw during the day becomes entirely different when the sun goes down!


Dry Suit Diver

Sometime the water isn't as warm as we would like it or maybe you just always seem to get chilled. Learn to dive in a dry suit and always be ready no matter what the water temp is!


Search & Recovery

As much as people try to hold on to things, it's inevitable that something will get lost while under water or dropped in from the surface. Learn the best techniques for find them!


Project AWARE

Dive Against Debris specialty, AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty, Project AWARE Specialty, and AWARE fish ID specialty. Pick the one you want to start with today!


Many, Many, More....

There is a whole range of specialties to choose from. If you don't see yours listed here let us know and we can get you more information on it! No matter what level of diver you are.

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