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Learning How To Scuba Dive


Learning to scuba dive is a lot of things. It's exciting, it's fun, it's rewarding, and most of all it's something that people of all ages can learn to do! So how do you go about learning? There are 3 parts to becoming an "Open Water Scuba Diver" which certifies you to scuba dive in the open water. The three parts are: 

  1. Course Work (E-Learning)

  2. Pool Dives (Confined Water Dives)

  3. Open Water Dives

These three sections are discussed in more detail below. It's also worth noting here that there is more than one agency that certifies people to scuba dive. There could be a lot of discussion among dive professionals on which one is the best but for a beginning diver the open water course among them is pretty much the same. Here at Frogman we have instructors who certify students with PADI and SSI. 

1. Course Work: 
The course work section is exactly as it sounds. It's you learning about how to scuba dive. It can be done either online or through the app. Both cover the exact same material but depending on your learning style one may work better for you than the other. The course work is compiled of 6 sections or chapters that will introduce you to scuba diving. There are knowledge reviews at the end of the chapters and a final test at the end to judge how well you understood the material. 


2. Pool Dives: 

The pool dives are your first hands on, in water, learning section. This is where you will apply all the things you learned in the course to real life. You will do five pool dives with your instructor and each dive you will learn and practice the skills needed to scuba dive. These skills build on each other throughout your five dives which is why your instructor will make sure you master each skill before moving on to the next. This is a fun and exciting part of your dive training because this is where you will get to take your first breath underwater!

3. Open Water Dives:

Your last step to becoming a certified Open Water Scuba Diver is your open water dives. These are also referred to as your check out dives because it is where you will demonstrate to your instructor that you have mastered all the skills that you learned in the pool dives. The open water dives take place over the span of two days and are done as the name suggest in an open body of water. This is a fun filled two days where you will once again do five dives with the option of a sixth fun dive. During these dives your instructor will have you perform the same skills you did in the pool however that will be just a part of each dive. These dives are meant to introduce you to the open water and give you more practice time under the surface!


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