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Marine Education Program

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Marine Education Program

Welcome to the Marine Education Program offered by Frogman Scuba. This program is designed to bring education, awareness, and understanding to today's youth through an interactive approach. Below you will find the most common questions we get and the answers to them. If you are a student interested in the program we urge you to reach out to your schools leadership. If you are a school or aquarium looking to bring this program to your community please contact Matthew Westpheling at and put "Marine Education Inquiry" as the subject. 
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What is the Marine Education Program?

The Marine Education Program is a community approached to educating students on our worlds oceans. The course is offered through the local high school, administered by a Licensed Dive Instructor, and is partnered with a local aquarium. 

What is taught in the Program?

The Program covers several different courses to provide students with well-rounded base of knowledge. The topics include Ecology (covering things like fish, sharks, turtles, & more) , Ocean Conservation, Snorkel & Diving Certifications, and much much more.  

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Who should take the Program?

The Marine Education Program is typically offered to Juniors & Seniors in high school. The course is a great option for those who are interested in Marine Biology, General Biology, Scuba Diving, Interest in our worlds oceans, or anyone who spends a lot of time around the water. 

What should I expect from the Program?

Expect an exciting adventure! The programs main focus is engaging education. Some parts of the course are classroom based but other parts are outside the classroom, in the pool, at the aquarium, and more. Each program is slightly different based on the school, dive instructor, and aquarium but the one thing you can count on is it not being like any other course!

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