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Frogman Team


Manfred Uhl - Owner / Instructor

Bio : Manfred not only started Frogman Dive center but was a big part of the diving community before starting the shop. Starting with public diving in 1975 he has continued to keep up to date with the changes in the diving industry. Manfred has extensive knowledge of diving both locally and abroad. He also specializes with equipment use, set up, and repair. 

Certification Level : Master Instructor


Matthew Westpheling- Instructor

Certification Level : Instructor

Bio : Matthew started diving in 2007 and continued to earn more certifications, gaining more knowledge and skill along the way. He is a water treatment chemist and combined his love for diving and the water to become a dive instructor teaching the next generation of divers. Matthew has a special love for technical diving, especially cave diving. He is our in house rebreather diver specializing in the KISS Rebreathers and can more times than not be found traveling to cave dive. 


Bryan Benne- Instructor

Certification Level : Instructor

Bio : Coming Soon


Joey Woodbury- 

Certification Level : Dive Master

Bio : With nearly 10 years of diving experience Joey is a former public safety diver for Lees Summit Underwater Recovery. While with LSUR he was involved in evidence, body, car and boat recoverys. He has traveled and dove in many countries with speciality guiding to the Riveria Maya, Mexico, where he has dove local cenotes (underground rivers), Cozumel and all up and down the east coast of the Riviera Maya. He maintains extensive knowlodge of diving and equipment and continues to educate himself on new technologies and dive safety. 

Steven Gee.png

Steven Gee - Dive Master

Certification Level : Dive Master

Bio :  Coming Soon

Lynn Birchmier.jpg

Lynn Birchmier - Dive Master

Certification Level : Dive Master

Bio : Coming Soon

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